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How do the calls for proposals work?

A project can receive Interreg Sudoe Programme’s cofunding by submitting an application to one of the calls for proposals that the Programme will launch during the period of 2014-2020. 

The Programme expects to launch five calls for proposals, each of them organised according to a 2-step application procedure: one simplified and one complete.

The first call for proposals is already over and the Programme expects to launch the second during the first quarter of 2017. The Joint Secretariat will provide more information about the requirements and calendar for the second call in October 2016.

What kind of entities can be beneficiaries of the Programme? 

Projects must be organised by a transnational partnership. The members of this partnership have to be organisations from, at least, two eligible regions from two different countries participating in the Programme.

The partners can be public or private entities (profit or non-profit) and companies, excluding large companies, located in the eligible area of the Programme. 

These eligible regions are the six Southwestern regions of France, all Spanish Autonomous Communities except Canary Islands, all the continental regions of Portugal, United Kingdom (Gibraltar) and the Principality of Andorra.

You can read here the full Cooperation Programme and a summary for potential beneficiaries:


The application package

Beneficiaries deliver their formal project proposal through the submission of an application package. 

All the documents required to submit the application package must be completed and processed using the online application system eSudoe provided by the Programme. Furthermore, the application package must be sent to the Joint Secretariat by post. 

The application must be written, for both steps, in all the languages of the partnership, to enable the assessment procedure by each Member State.


In Step 1, beneficiaries have to submit a ‘project proposal’, which clearly describes:

  • The relevance of the project (see the intervention logics in Spanish, French and Portuguese): a clear definition of the common territorial challenge to be addressed by the project, the approach adopted to deal with this challenge and the added value of transnational cooperation. 
  • The main results expected, specifying the link between objectives and results of the project and objectives and results of the Interreg Sudoe Programme.

Check here the template of the project proposal (available in SpanishFrench and Portuguese)


Step 2 applies to the project proposals that passed Step 1 and consists of submitting a full application form.

You can download here the application kit for Step 2 (available in Spanish, French and Portuguese).

How to submit a project proposal

Both in Step 1 and Step 2, the project proposals must be submitted twice, respecting the deadline set by the call’s official announcement:

  • The online application, written in all the languages of the partnership, submitted through the online application system eSudoe.
  • The paper application, written in the language of the lead beneficiary and unbound, sent by post to the Joint Secretary.

Technical meeting on Step 2

The Joint Secretariat will organise a technical meeting between Step 1 and 2 of each call for proposals, where the applicants that passed Step 1 will be invited.

The main goal of this meeting is to explain the technical aspects of the submission of applications, as well as certain content aspects to improve the quality of the proposals. 

Explanatory table on admissibility criteria for Step 1 and 2

In order to prevent potential beneficiaries for any misunderstanding, the Joint Secretariat prepared an explanatory table about the meaning of “application package” and all its parts in Step 1 and 2 of the first call, including their link to the admissibility criteria.

You can download the table here (available in SpanishFrench and Portuguese).

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