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AIDA CCI – Câmara de Comércio e Indústria do Distrito de Aveiro

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 14 de febrero de 2023

Nombre: Elisabete


Idioma: Español, Francés, Portugués, Inglés

Región: Centro

Área de competencia:

AIDA CCI – Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Aveiro Region is a recognized organization with more 37 years of experience in national and transnational projects related to internationalisation and entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer, among others. Relationship and involvement with companies, communication and dissemination of results, training and development of entrepreneurial talents, reinforcement of innovation to innovative companies with high internationalization potential are also our assets. We had already participated in several projects under the umbrela of INTERREG and SUDOE. AIDA's mission is to promote and enable business in the Aveiro District, with special focus on the industrial sector and similar ones, defense and promote the companies and socio-economic interests of the Region, through the cooperation and representation in other associations and establish conditions to reinforce the support to companies in the competitiveness level by developing several actions. Promote the companies businesses, namely the portuguese industrial enterprises, at a national and international level and strengthen the trade relations through the development of activities and support services for the companies internationalisation process, external trade and promotion of exports, businesses and investment. AIDA has made a strong investment in supporting the internationalization process of the companies of the Aveiro region, particularly in terms of exports. AIDA has a lot of experience in organising trade missions, fairs, exhibitions and similar activities, complemented with information and technical support, in order to create their own independent or non-independent services. We are Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2018, assuming valences related to the process of internationalization of companies, providing services in the field of foreign trade and export promotion, namely the issuance of certificates of origin, certificates of free sale, carnet ata and visas. We belong to the Enterprise Europe Network since 2008.