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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 21 de febrero de 2023

Nombre: Eva


Idioma: Español, Inglés

Región: Andalucía

Área de competencia:

ANCES or National Association of European Business and Innovation is the framework organisation -non-profit association- for 33 Business Innovation Centre/ BICs members in Spain to promote and provide the systems, services and activities that drive dissemination, innovation and diversification of productive activities, technological progress and economic development. ANCES represents in Spain to the European Business and Innovation Centre Network -EBN- and coordinates the relationships and contacts exchanges between the Spanish CEEIs and their European counterparts. The CEEIs are Innovation Centers spread along Spain . Our main activities focuss in the supporting to entrepreneurship, the growth and competitiveness of SMEs and innovation, through the provision of training and mentoring services both from its own resources and collaborating with the supply of existing entrepreneurship services in each territory. We can hightlight these innitiatives performed by our network: - Innovative Technology-Based Companies (EIBT´s) aimed at boosting the numbers of Innovative Technology-Based Companies through supporting their creation and consolidation, and growing the companies and the programme throughout the BIC network and ultimately, throughout Spain. -Open Innovation is an initiative of the National Association of CEEIs –ANCES– and the anchor companies for the development of an innovative program to attract innovative companies to the market. It is part of a context of open innovation, allowing the most consolidated companies to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and advance in their technological challenges. In this programme, leading companies define their specific challenges, then an open call is launched to attract innovative companies -startups-, that offer their technological solutions. Each tractor company will select within all the proposed solutions, the three most appropriate that fulfill the challenge. The solutions selected promoters will have the opportunity to defend their proposals in the Final Event, in front of the tractor companies, in which the winning proposal for each challenge will be decided. The winner will receive a prize of €500 and the possibility of continuing the relationship with the driving company. -ANCES Investment, ANCES together with the main agents of the investment ecosystem set up a network to increase private capital options aimed at projects or companies with high innovative and growth potential. Innovative companies are lacked of capital, private investment, there are specialized investment agents who are aware of the potential of these companies to meet their profitability needs in the medium and long term. ANCES helps these innovative companies to contact the investment ecosystem through this initiative. -ANCES Academy, a training initiative designed to update the knowledge of professionals in our network of CEEIs / BICs. Subjects such as “mistakes to avoid when we are internationalizing a company”, “Roadmap to tools to assess and accelerate innovative projects”, etc. -WomanCES is an initiative that program a series of online meetings with women entrepreneurs from ANCES. A series of webinars that aims to value the role of women entrepreneurs, especially in the fields of innovation and technology