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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 28 de marzo de 2023



Idioma: Español

Región: Comunidad Valenciana

Área de competencia:

Utiel is a Spanish city located in the Community of Valencia, (Spain) Utiel is located in an important nexus of communications between the interior and the Spanish coast. Utiel has an agricultural economy whose main product is wine. Utiel suffers from depopulation problems, as young people migrate to the city in search of greater opportunities. The city of Utiel has a very active civil society, Utiel presents about twenty civil associations that collaborate closely with the City Council, collecting non-formal educational, sports, social, cultural and entrepreneurial activities. In the entrepreneurial aspect, Utiel is an example of good practices in the creation of companies in rural areas in an inclusive and eco-sustainable way. Seeking the growth and improvement of the municipality, the City Council of Utiel has opened an Office of European Projects through which to help its civil associations, youth and public administrations towards European Policy and the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other countries. The attractiveness of Utiel through its wine and its gastronomy is undoubtedly its greatest asset, however the City Council also has on its roadmap the improvement of the conditions of its young people, the dissemination of European values, digitization and sport, all framed in the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda in which the City Council of Utiel has been working for years.