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CCI Nouvelle Aquitaine

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 20 de febrero de 2023

Nombre: Laura


Idioma: Español, Francés, Portugués, Inglés

Región: Nouvelle Aquitaine

Área de competencia:

Our main competencies are linked to the internationalization of start-ups, SMEs and more generally ecosystems in all sectors with a key specialization in digital and tech start-ups (each year, we accompany almost 60 start-ups to major tech events like CES in Las Vegas, WEBSUMMIT in Lisbonne, IFA in Berlin and SLUSH in Helsinki). In fact, in the recent years, various local initiatives have already been engaged to support the development of world class technology companies that can compete with international players. Among those programs: - BPI France start-up accelerator “Le Hub” and “Deep Tech Plan”; - “French Tech Next 40/120” that each year offers support to 120 French start-ups and scale up companies; - Regional fundings like AquitiGestion; - Regional programs. Despite those initiatives, there is a lack of outstanding achievements and only few companies have been brought to scale successfully. Many reasons can be pointed out, such as a lack of access to fundings. But others, that are less visible, can also explain this statement; and there is one that can be tackled: the poor cooperation between actors. To some extends, we are looking to take part to a project that could leverage this issue as we could address uncover or non-answered needs, such as: - Gathering all the local actors in the same goal thanks to an ambitious program. All the partners would be committed and give support and knowledges to help promising companies to scale successfully. Universities and research centers could help on the academic part, while deep tech clusters would connect companies to ecosystems peers, French Tech would surely help companies with their notoriety, connect with VCs and abroad connections, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region would bring grants loans and could invest in equity and finally the Chamber of Commerce would help on the “go to market” strategy and on all the scaling issues companies may face such as: leadership, management and export. - Accompany the most promising companies. Among the EIC portfolio, we already know more than 35 companies, among them : Treefrog Therapeutics, Pollen Robotics, EasyLI, Lucine, A.I.O. But we could also easily respond to the second part as we are very active on identifying the game changers start-ups that respond to the major challenges facing society: ecological transition, health of citizens, mobility, modernizing the fabrics of SMEs and ETIs, etc. By the end of the project we would take part in, we expect to develop a state-of-the-art program tailored for promising startups. For this purpose, many goals have to be achieved: - More access to fundings: by having locally based outstanding startups, we are looking to raise interests among investors and VCs ; - Business development: we want to implement global thinking to all startups so that they will think about the international expansion from day 1. By working with “technopoles”, we are also looking to challenge them and create partnerships with other countries so that the incubated startups will be able to access other accelerators and gain access to soft landing. We also expect to connect with world experts that could brought their knowledge to train mentor and coach startup and accelerate their development. - Networking: startups never work alone! And to be global, they need to partner with companies abroad in order to work all along the value chain and build international teams.