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Exatronic, Lda

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 13 de febrero de 2023

Nombre: Carla Marina


Idioma: Portugués, Inglés

Región: Centro

Área de competencia:

Exatronic is a subcontracting company delivering customers with engineering and manufacturing and testing services, according to customers’ requirements. Specialised in innovation processes, Exatronic supplies integrates hardware and firmware engineering services, industrialization, assembling and testing final products to many sectors. Exatronic is specialized in innovation, research, engineering, and manufacturing services in the electronics sector, providing hardware and firmware engineering, industrialization, assemblage, and final product testing services to many industries. Innovation driven, Exatronic has highly qualified and motivated professionals, skilled to provide services and products with the highest quality standards. Exatronic delivers seamless IoT systems and digital twins that contribute to the digital transformation of many sectors.

Web: http://exatronic.pt/en/home/