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Finnova, delegación Andalucía

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 15 de febrero de 2023

Nombre: Michel

Lapierre Robles

Idioma: Español, Portugués, Inglés

Región: Andalucía

Área de competencia:

Finnova is the European foundation that supports the financing of innovation in companies, regions and municipalities. Our areas of expertise include sustainable development, circular economy, water and waste management, employment and youth, ICT and tourism, among others. We are an institution with extensive experience in the management and implementation of European funds, especially the Interreg Sudoe programmes. Currently, we are in the final phase of projects such as CILIFO (https://cilifo.eu/) and FirePOCTEP (https://firepoctep.eu/), which combine forest management against fires and economic revitalization in border territories between Spain and Portugal. In particular, CILIFO has been recognized for its results within the new Cross-border Cooperation Strategy between Portugal - Spain, becoming a cross-border directive of the two Iberian governments (see page 7 https://www.miteco.gob.es/en/reto-demografico/temas/documentoecdt_es_finalseptiembre2020_tcm38-517763.pdf ) Within Interreg Sudoe programmes, Finnova has supported rural employability, the valorization of endogenous resources and the revitalization of local innovation ecosystems (Business market, hackathon, etc.), among others, in territories that suffer the growing effects of depopulation, economic inactivity and fire risks. In 2021, Finnova, as a CILIFO beneficiary, won the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2021 (EEPA) with its green business incubator FOIL-CILIFO (https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/news/european-enterprise-promotion-awards-2021-eepa-finnova-foundation-awarded-thanks-forest) Its headquarters are located in the heart of Brussels (Belgium) and it also has a delegation in Spain with a presence in Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, Andalusia and the Basque Country.