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Fundación Matrix, Investigación y Desarrollo Sostenible

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 25 de febrero de 2023

Nombre: Sonia

García Alvarez

Idioma: Español

Región: Galicia

Área de competencia:

The Matrix Foundation is an active agent of agricultural development, with experience in the recovery of abandoned agricultural land, ecological production and commercialization of agricultural products. It also provides different social services in the field of environmental education and healthy eating. It develops environmental and social R+D+i in the following areas: assessment and mapping of climate change; territorial and population risk assessment due to climate change; climate change adaptation tools; decarbonization; water availability; agriculture adapted to climate change; remote sensing and precision agriculture; landscape evaluation; inventory and conservation of agrobiodiversity and biodiversity; demographic challenge and territorial cohesion; aging and quality of life of older people; equality and labor gender gaps.