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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 3 de enero de 2023

Nombre: Francisca


Idioma: Español, Inglés

Región: Comunidad Valenciana

Área de competencia:

INESCOP is a centre for technology and innovation. Established in 1971, it has broad experience in providing technology services, transferring knowledge and carrying out research on technical topics that are of interest to the industry. INESCOP has cross-cutting technological capabilities that can be applied to numerous sectors, although it was originally set up and specialised for the footwear sector. To this end, it has the required means to meet scientific and technical needs of companies in the following fields: 3D design and printing, Industry 4.0, robotics, advanced materials, quality & comfort, healthcare technologies, adhesives, nanotechnology, biotechnology and competitive intelligence. INESCOP renders its services to over 600 companies every year. It also coordinates and participates in multiple regional, national and European R&D projects awarded in competitive calls. The support provided to companies is ensured by the centre’s infrastructure and equipment, but above all by its human resources. INESCOP is a leader in quality control, adhesives research and development of CAD systems for footwear and components, being the centre recognised as one of the most prestigious in the footwear sector worldwide.