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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 27 de diciembre de 2022

Nombre: Michele


Idioma: Español, Inglés

Región: Comunidad Valenciana

Área de competencia:

Insomnia is a Digital Innovation Hub under H2020 and the S3 Platform; as DIH we support the digitisation strategy of industrial SMEs and start-ups from Spain and manage EU open calls to support experiments and projects through financial support for 3rd parties (FSTP). Our acceleration and digitisation model is based on OPEN-INNOVATION AND FREE-EQUITY, as well as turning B2C models into B2B and B2B2C by connecting the startup/SME/entrepreneur talent with the innovation needs of big corporations and public administrations. MAIN DIGITALISATION AREAS: • Fintech • InsurTech • Health / care • Ports & Logistics • Industry 4.0 (shoe, metallurgy, ceramics, automotive, agro-food) • Agriculture - Agrotech • Tourism • LegalTech, Proptech, Regtech • Active ageing, Smart living, MAIN TECHNOLOGIES • Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • 5G • Blockchain • Cloud • HPC • IoT, IoI • Virtual/ Augmented reality, • 3D printing • New materials Insomnia startup ecosystem is composed of more than 1.000 startups/scale-ups/ tech SMEs and 300 solutions at national (60%) and international (40%: UE, UK, USA, Latin America, Israel) levels. The richness of our ecosystem is based on the Talent Route Network, the biggest accelerator network worldwide created by Insomnia to promote startup/scale up talent. We have options to bring experience and pilots inside the 4 Priorities of the SUDOE Call.