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ITG. Fundación Instituto Tecnológica de Galicia

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 15 de marzo de 2023

Nombre: Pablo

Carrasco Ortega

Idioma: Español, Francés, Portugués, Inglés

Región: Galicia

Área de competencia:

ITG has experience and capacity in the field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, covering Smart grids and buildings. ITG is an expert in the design and development of advanced energy planning and management solutions in the field of smart electrical grids. ITG's experience extends throughout the life cycle of energy systems, highlighting the following fields of work: (1) Analysis and dimensioning of energy solutions in districts, hospitals, ports, industries and other infrastructures, such as WWTP, addressing in these projects the evaluation and design of photovoltaic solar systems, rehabilitation, electric vehicle, district heating, digitization and public lighting, among others. (2) Development of energy sizing software tools, supported by modeling and simulation of the behavior of energy assets in microgrids and local energy communities (3) Development and exploitation of energy management platforms. We have a cloud-based IoT platform for data management and analytics in the energy sector. Currently, the platform has the capacity to manage more than 2 M of data per day and is used in different locations (buildings, public lighting systems, hospitals, production plants, among others). (4) Development of prediction and optimization algorithms. We work in the field of short-term energy forecasting (1-48 hours) in the field of solar, wind and demand energy. (5) Development of communication hardware systems in renewables in renewable systems (acquisition, processing and storage of data and control). (6) Modeling and simulation of business models in the field of local energy communities and aggregation in the Spanish electricity market.