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SANJOTEC – Science and Technology Park

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 9 de marzo de 2023

Nombre: Ana

Sampaio Correia

Idioma: Español, Portugués, Inglés

Región: Norte

Área de competencia:

SANJOTEC supports entrepreneurship and the acceleration of tech-based startups, promoting an innovation ecosystem linked to Industry 4.0 and the development of new technological products. SANJOTEC also plays a facilitating and dynamic role in bringing the regional business framework closer to the scientific community, from startups to multinational corporations and promotes networking activities with stakeholders among all the value chain. SANJOTEC’s Tech Incubator and Accelerator currently hosts 65 companies with strong export numbers, and a overall turnover that amounts to more than € 64 million in 2022, representing 400 high-qualified jobs in the region. Background & Experiencie: a) Encouraging R&D activities to increase business / industrial competitiveness; b) Supporting companies in the product development and innovation processes; c) Providing consultancy, technical support, testing and prototyping services; d) Promoting collaborations between research organizations, universities and companies; e) Providing project management and R & D + i services; f) Promoting entrepreneurship, providing incubation and acceleration services, facilities and equipment for technology-based companies; g) Providing Coaching and mentoring services h) Enhancing knowledge and tech-transfer and promote registration and valuation of patents; i) Promoting training programs; j) offering Internationalization support k) Identifying and mediating financing sources; l) Supporting the creation of applied research units and business centers with advanced technologies; m) Developing Benchmarking and Prospective Studies. Awards / main networks: • Best Incubator/Accelerator Program | South Europe Startup Awards - National winner, 2019 • Promotion of Entrepreneurship Skills | European Enterprise Promotion Awards -1st Prize- Portugal - 2021 • Member of European Space Agency Network of Incubators (ESA BIC Portugal) • Member of TECPARQUES – Portuguese Network of Science & Technology Parks, which is part of IASP - International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation • Member of PortusPark (Network of Science Parks and Technology Incubators in Northern Region of Portugal) • Member of Portugal Ventures’ Ignition Partners Network • University of Aveiro is one of the associates of the Science and Technology Park • Manager of S. João da Madeira Industrial Living Lab (SJM-ILL), member of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)