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2016: Management seminar

The Joint Secretariat organized a seminar for beneficiaries of approved projects of the first call for proposals on the 26th and 27th of September 2016 in Santander.

This event, with the evocative title "All the questions you have about project management" was an opportunity to inform and train the beneficiaries of the approved projects on procedures they will have to follow for the administrative, technical and financial execution of their respective projects.

The seminar began with an highlight since it started by the signing ceremony of the ERDF grant agreements. The Lead Beneficiaries of approved projects have indeed signed their contract with the Managing Authority of the Interreg Sudoe Programme, represented by the Regional Minister for the Economy, Finance and Employment of the Government of Cantabria.

Beyond animated training sessions by the program Managing Bodies, the 264 participants benefited from the experience of three Lead Beneficiaries of approved projects that have acted successfully in these functions as part of a project from the Sudoe 2007-2013 program.

Javier Ordoñez of the Agencia Extremeña de la Energía, Lead Beneficiary of the REHABILITE project, José Miguel Sanchez of laboratoire Ecolab CNRS, Lead Beneficiary of the AGUAMOD project and Rui Miranda from the Instituto Pedro Nunes, Lead Beneficiary of the RYME + project. They presented the best practices they implemented in the administrative management of their project, as well as, the procedures for the evaluation of their project.

The program is available here (Spanish, French, Portuguese).


You can download the seminar presentations:

  • The content of the ERDF grant agreement and advice for good project management (presentation of the Managing Authority) (SpanishFrenchPortuguese)
  • The financial system and the ERDF reimbursement (presentation of the Certifying Authority) (Spanish)
  • The project monitoring and evaluation system (presentation of the Joint Secretariat) (SpanishFrenchPortuguese)
  • The project communication (presentation of the Joint Secretariat) (SpanishFrenchPortuguese)
  • The first level controls and other considerations in Spain (presentation of the Spanish National Authority) (Spanish)
  • The first level controls and other considerations in France (presentation of the French National Authority) (French)
  • The first level controls and other considerations in Portugal (presentation of the Portuguese National Authority) (Portuguese)

More Information

You can find here all the information on the first call for projects.

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Full details of all aspects of managing a project can be found in the Sudoe Programme manual