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What kind of projects have been submitted to Step 1 of the first call for proposals?

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The Interreg Sudoe Programme launched Step 1 of the first call of proposals on 21 September 2015. After the closing of Step 1, 496 project proposals were submitted through the online application system eSudoe. 

In the days that followed, the Joint Secretariat analysed all the proposals to check that they met all the necessary criteria. The envisaged calendar for the assessment and the launch of Step 2 is available here

How many projects have been submitted by priority?

The total ERDF budget allocated to the first call is 40.2 million euros and the call is open to the five thematic priorities of the Programme, according to the following distribution: 







15.8 million

6 million

4.7 million

5.1 million

8.6 million


Most of the project proposals were submitted to the priorities Research and innovation (42.94% of the proposals received) and Environment and resource efficiency (23.58% of the total), the priorities with the highest funding.

How many projects have been submitted by specific objective?

The specific objectives 1b1 and 6c1 received the majority of the project proposals.


How many entities have participated in the first call?

The lead beneficiaries are from Spain (70.7% with 351 lead beneficiaries), Portugal (22.7% with 111 lead beneficiaries) and France (6.8% with 34 lead beneficiaries). 

Altogether, 4200 entities have participated in the first call as lead beneficiary, beneficiary or associated project partner, considering that some entities participate in more than one proposal. The geographical distribution is as follows: Spain 2,197 (52.30%), Portugal 1,240 (29.52%), France 734 (17.47%) and United Kingdom 2 (0.047%).

Furthermore, there are 3 entities from the Principality of Andorra that participate as associated project partner (0.071%) and other 20 organisations (0.47%) applying as associated project partner from third countries inside and outside the European Union. 

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The information about the first call for proposals is available here.

The expected calendar for the assessment and the launch of Step 2 is available here.

The complete informations about all aspects related to the submission of a project proposals can be found in the Sudoe programme manual for project development and management.

You can download the Step 2 application kit here (available in Spanish, French and Portuguese).

Not ready for the first call? The Programme foresees to launch other four calls for proposals applying to different priorities. Read more here