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RISK MANAGEMENT: RISKCOAST, EPyRIS, REMAS and OPEN2PRESERVE, 4 Sudoe projects for handling the effects of climate change

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RISKCOAST launch event

On October 24th and 25th, the launch event of the project RISKCOAST took place at the headquarter of the Institute of Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Lisbon. The event counted on 30 participants, among them beneficiaries and partners of the project. They addressed the most critique aspects of the project, the responsibilities of each beneficiary and established the activities to be developed in the areas of the project.

RISCOAST is a Project based on new technologies and satellite technologies, aims at prevent geological risks in coastal areas (erosion, landslides, building, rains, etc.). The project focuses on 2 axis: the first one on planning, prevention and land recovery, a second one on risk management in areas such as coasts and basins.

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EPyRIS gathers in Carcassonne (FR)

On October 16-18, the partners of the Project EPyRIS gathered together in Carcassonne in order to present their results. Among them, the case study of the fire of Montirat/Monze (FR): a software used to take decisions in the area affected in the Gran Canaria area (Spain) and protocols for action of summer 2019 were revised focusing on the caseworks, support tools, etc.

Moreover, they agreed to look for new complementary analysis cases in addition to the ones of Nerva (2018), Gavilanes, San Ildefonso de la Granja and Montirat (2019) in order to execute and validate diagnosis at an early stage through remote sensing techniques of agile fields and evaluate the risks and identify action priorities post-fire. Moreover, this was an occasion also to realize an in situ visit in the area of Montirat (Francia) which suffered a fire in 2018 with terrible consequences such as economic loss in the local wine production for the grape depreciation caused by the smoke. The fire and hydrology managers of the Office National de Forêts (ONF, France) and the local authorities provided explanations on the field. The partners and final associated users offered their evaluation and alternatives for an effective management. 

EPyRIS is an Interreg Sudoe Project that aims to facilitate the fire management at all territorial levels. It prevents critique situations analysing vulnerable areas, optimizing the post-fire emergency processes and spreading methoodlogy developed thanks to previous experiences.

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Kick-off of the REMAS project in Valencia

On November 7 and 8, the kick-off event of the REMAS project took place at the Provincial Council of Valencia. During these days, the importance of carbon emissions in the soil as well as in the air and its relation with fires were highlighted.

With € 1.349.733, 07 ERDF budget, the REMAS project deals with reducing the carbon emissions linked to forest fire creating quantification models based on different scenarios (burnt/ no burnt, managed/not managed) in order the territorial policies on fires’ management to take them into account.

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Meeting of OPEN2PRESERVE in Portugal

On September 16-19, the partners of the project OPEN2PRESERVE met in Vila Real, Portugal. This event gathered specialists in the fields of protection and prevention of rural fires, strategy of product valorisation and financial problems. These contributions led to the approval of action protocols of the project. Moreover, in situ visits were carried out at the Centro tecnológico de la Carne in Ourense (Spain) and the pilot projects of UTAD (Aveção do Cabo, Vila Real), the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (Romeu, Mirandela) and the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Navia de Suarna, Lugo). During these visits, the participants could observe the development of the experimental fields, exchange opinions with cattle breeders, local organizations linked to pasture and fire specialists.

The project OPEN2PRESERVE provides a model of sustainable management for reducing the fires, contributing to preserve the different ecosystems and the ecological quality of mountain open-spaces with a high environmental value. Therefore, the project is based on the combination of technical fires and led pasture, providing trainings to forest officials, adequate solutions to the specific features of the territory and promoting job opportunities.

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