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ENERGY EFFICIENCY: We attended the kickoff event of Sudoe Energy Push

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On March 11th, we went to the University of Cantabria to attend the kickoff event of an ambitious project on energy efficiency: Sudoe Energy Push.

About 50 participants gathered together to discover a project that will guarantee the energy efficiency of social housing. If energy efficiency is currently in the spotlight with initiatives such as the Green Deal or the Alliance between France, Spain and Portugal (2018), this issue is particularly sensitive in the case of the most vulnerable households. Sudoe Energy Push tries to tackle this problem, based on the capitalization of two previous Sudoe projects: Sudoe Stop CO2 on energy efficiency in transport stations and PEMFC Sudoe focused on the use of hydrogen.

The event was opened by Felipe Piña, Director General of the Cantabria Transport Department, who highlighted the project's contribution to the sustainable growth objectives set by the European Union, combining green development and social inclusion. For its part, the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Sudoe program introduced the program within which the project is framed, with special emphasis on projects on similar issues. The Red Cross made then a presentation on its work related to energy poverty, following the guidelines set by the United Nations millennium goals.

Later, Orestes Cendrero, coordinator of Sudoe Energy Push, explained the objectives of the project and its methodologies. The latter are based on the combination of passive renovation and BIM methodology to reduce consumption and emissions from social housing and improve the well-being of its inhabitants. With a FEDER budget of € 1,387,457.63, the project will have pilot buildings in the Novales area (Cantabria). The day ended with the presentation of the results of PEMFC SUDOE on hydrogen cell, highlighting the problem linked to the storage of renewable energy.

Despite the fact that the Sudoe area is still far from meeting the 100% renewable energy target by 2050, the enthusiasm of the participants illustrated the existing common ambition to continue working in this regard, betting on clean energy for the benefit of all, regardless of social status.

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