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CLIMATE CHANGE: Leaving carbon sinks unmanaged is not an option. An action developed by REMAS.

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On February 19th and 20th, REMAS project met in Madrid to deal with the management of the risk of greenhouse gas emissions in the frame of forest fires. Participants discussed the progress of the project that works on an emissions risk model that links the carbon contained in aboveground, root and soil biomass, in response to the increasing number of forest fires. Thanks to the quantification of the carbon contained in the ecosystem, its emission risk can be known, as well as the critical areas of greatest risk in order to focus prevention, management, extinction and restoration efforts.

© Picture: courtesy of REMAS project

Thanks to the development of this project, the emission risk presented by some of the most representative ecosystems in the SUDOE space will be quantitatively known and disseminate among authorities and practitioners through specific training to change the reality on the ground.

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© Picture: Markus Spiske on Unsplash