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Due to the current pandemic, numerous annual appointments have had to be postponed or cancelled.

Interact Slam: Every year, the Interact programme organizes a slam to reward Interreg projects. This award, structured in three stages, counted on the participation of 4 Sudoe projects, among which SUDOANG has been selected to compete in the second phase. In the final stage which will be held in October, in Brussels, the winner will be selected among 6 projects which will compete against each other’s on stage with a performance. We are looking forward to seeing SUDOANG on the podium!

Regiostars: Applications closed at the beginning of the month and results are expected in early June. Among the candidates, the CEMOWAS-2 project in the circular economy category. Good luck!

EUinmyRegion: The campaign is ongoing. At the moment, many of the planned events will be held online or in the second half of the year. For more information, have a look to our special section.

European Green Week: The Green Week has been postponed. It will take place in Brussels from October 20 to 22nd. More information on its website.

Energy Week: TheEnergy Week will take place this year, online, from June 22 to 25th. Registrations will open in June on the official website.

Europcom:  Europcom will go online on June 29th. You can follow all the information on the official website.