Interreg Sudoe - Programme Sudoe Interreg

First phase

First phase

The first phase of the Second Call for Proposals will be open from 07 to 25 October 2019, both included. Within this timeframe, the project developers will have to submit their application by the 25 October 2019 before 12.00:00 (UTC+2) at the latest, through the eSudoe application, where they will find all the official form to be fulfilled:

  • The project proposal, submitted through eSudoe;
  • The Commitment and Responsible Statement of the main beneficiary whose original version signed and stamped by the legal representative of the entity (only in the language of the main beneficiary) should be sent by postal mailing by the 25 October at the latest (date as per postmark) and;
  • The Declarations of interests of the beneficiaries, in their own languages.

These applications will be built by the National Authorities and the Joint Secretariat being subject of a first selection by the Steering Committee according to the admissibility and selection criteria of the first phase, as detailed in the fact sheet 6 of the Sudoe Programme Manual.

During the first phase, projects will be classified as it follows:

  • Project non-admissible;
  • Project non eligible;
  • Proposal non authorized to participate in the second phase and;
  • Proposal authorized to participate in the second phase.