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Limited participation of entities

Limited participation of entities

Entities interested in participating to the 4th Call for Proposals can only submit one application (check the official text of the Call).

  • How to respect this rule

This rule can be verified through the NIF number (Spanish entities), the SIRET number (French entities) and the NIF/NIPC number (Portuguese entities). This general rule has to be respected by all the entities. Nevertheless, in the case that before the official announcement of the Call, the entity’s divisions were clearly identified by their organizational charts and there is an official way to demonstrate it, every division is allowed to apply.

The entity’s registration in the eSudoe application is crucial to demonstrate the obedience to this rule.

Please find below some advices to check if your entity/division is correctly register in eSudoe.

  • Before creating an eSudoe code, it is better to have an eSudoe user code.

Every representative of an entity aiming at applying to the Call should register as eSudoe user. He/She should provide her/his last name, surname and e-mail.

  • What is the eSudoe Code ?

The eSudoe code identifies an entity (and its divisions) in an application. You can get your code when you fulfill your entity’s registration. This system has been implemented at the beginning of the current programming period (2014-2020) in order the entities (or their divisions) fulfill only one form during the same programming period. Once the registration is made, the entity gets an eSudoe code which is requested to the lead manager when he/she submits his/her application in eSudoe. The eSudoe code is valid during all the 2014-2020 Sudoe programme, for all the calls for proposals.

  • How is it composed ?











  1. NUTS II code referring to the entity’s location .
  2. SIRET (FR), NIF (SP), NIPC/NIF (PT), VAT number (UK-Gibraltar).
  3. Correlative number when several divisions of the entity are registered.

The SIRET (NIF, NIPC) number is the key of the identification.

  • Which is the information requested?

You can find all the information requested in this document.

  • How can you correctly identified the division of an entity ?

In step 3 of the registration, you have to provide the name of your entity. 3 levels have been foreseen to ensure that the registration will highlight the entity’s divisions.

The first step provides the name of the entity and the second and third steps inform about the hierarchical divisions.

  • How to proceed in order an entity to be correctly registered in eSudoe?