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Second phase (**NEWS)

Second phase (**NEWS)

09/07/2020 - Disturbances on the eSudoe plateform due to maintenance works

Calendar (new dates)

The second stage of this call opened on March 5th, 2020 and was expected to conclude on May 6th, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this date was suspended. Please note that this second stage will restart from June 8th, 2020 and that applications should be sent on 07/31/2020, before 12:00:00 (UTC +2), at the latest.

New official text of the 2nd stage

Due to this situation, the official text of the call has been modified. You can consult this text in French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Application (new rules)

The proposals authorized to apply to the second stage should submit their application file, sending the application form and annexes. The procedure is described in sheet nº6 of the Sudoe users’ manual. However, due to the health situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, certain rules on this sheet have been adapted to provide adequate solutions. Thus, a new file has been published (nª19). The later counts on exceptional measures, which modify certain former rules. For the rest, the rules of the programme remain as indicated in the Sudoe users’ manual.

All the documents for your application are available in the specific application kit, which can be downloaded in our library.


What does it change?


Assistance to the selected projects

To accompany the projects selected in this second phase, the joint Secretariat and the National Authorities organize a series of activities

  • New sessions of 60’ with Sudoe

During the the second stage, sessions of 60’ with Sudoe are organized. During those sessions, participants can ask all their questions to a member of the Joint Secretariat, the time of a virtual coffee. With the restart of the second stage, new sessions are organized following the calendar below:


=> Sessions in Spanish: Thursday 06/18 (10:00 CET) and Thursday 2/07 (10:00 CET).


=> Sessions in French: Wednesday 06/17 (10:00 CET) and Wednesday 7/1 (10:00 CET).



=> Sessions in Portuguese: Tuesday 06/16 (15:30 CET) and Tuesday 06/30 (15:30 CET).



All the recordings of the webinars and the sessions of 60’ with Sudoe are available below.

  • Checklist

This list, which takes into account all the items of the second stage’s application form, will help to check that the application is aligned with all the admissibility and eligibility criteria. You can download it in French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Assesment of the applications

These applications will be assessed by the Steering Committee, which will take a decision on the project classifying the latter as:

  • Project approved.
  • Project approved under conditions.
  • Project non approved.
  • Project non-eligible.
  • Project non-admissible.

You can consult all the information on the project selection in the Fact sheet 6 of the Sudoe Programme Manual. Once the second phase finalized, the main beneficiaries will receive a notification with their punctuation for each selection criterion.