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Third Call for Proposals

The official text of the third call for proposals published on 5th June 2018 announces the launch of this call  for three priority axes, with € 22.900.000 ERDF budget as it follows:

Axis 2 : Competitiveness of SMEs

Promoting the competitiveness and internationalization of the SMEs of Southwest Europe

8.400.000 €


  • Axis 3 : Law-carbon economy

Contributing to a higher efficiency of the energy efficiency policies

7.300.000 €


Axis 4 : Combating climate change

Prevent and manage risks more efficiently

7.200.000 €


Download the official text of the call for proposal HERE: FR, SP, PT


Who can apply?

Private and public entities, with or without profitmaking aims, as well as companies (except big companies), located in the eligible area of Sudoe Programme.

IMPORTANT: the official text of the call for proposals provides details on the type of actors who must be part of the application regarding each priority axis.

How can you  apply?

The Call for Proposals is organised in two stages.

The first stage

Step 1, published on 5th June 2018 and opened from the 1st to 21st September 2018, both included. The applications have been built by the National Authorities and the Joint Secretariat being subject of a first selection by the Steering Committee according to the admissibility and selection criteria of the first phase, as detailed in the factsheet nº6 of the Sudoe Programme Manual. At the closure, the Joint Secretariat received 127 project proposals. The list of shortlisted projects was published on the 18th January 2018, after the decision of the Steering Committee, that met on the 18th of January in Toulouse (France). See here the list of project proposals that participated in Step 2. 

The second stage (OPEN)

The second stage of the call is open from 21th January 2019 to 29th March 2019.

Applications must be sent at the latest on the 29th March 2019 before noon (12:00 pm, CET) through eSudoe where all official forms to fulfill will be available. The projects authorized to apply to the second stage will have to provide a specific application for the second stage which is composed by the complete application form (application form, financial plan, justification of the financial plan and schedule of the project), the Commitment and Responsible Statement of the lead beneficiary (specific to the second stage), and the appendixes detailed in the point 1.1.2 of the factsheet 5 of the Sudoe Programme Manual. Besides, the Commitment and Responsible Statement of the lead beneficiary will have to be sent in paper format to the Joint Secretariat.

The Monitoring Committee will analyse the applications and will take one of those decisions : non elegible; inelegible; project approved; project approved under conditions; project non-approved.
The Programme’s Authorities will organise a seminar on 12-13th February 2019 in Santander adressed to all the beneficiaries of the projects authorised to apply to the second stage. The latter will have the opportunity to get some advices to apply and to ask their questions.

More information on this stage will be published as soon as the first stage will end.

Tools to prepare your application (first phase)

In order to prepare your application, you will find several tools in our library. Among others:

  • The toolkit, specific to the first stage;
  • The Sudoe Programme Manual
  • The cooperation programme of Interreg Sudoe

Otherwise, if you are looking for a project partner or some answers, we highly encourage you to use:

  • Our partner search tool, where you can find a Project partner or join a project
  • Our Sudoe community, our own social media where you can meet other beneficiaries and users, submit practical questions to the Joint Secretariat or Exchange problems and ideas with other candidates through thematic groups.

Moreover, we organise a set of webinars on the third call for proposals in which will participate the National Authorities of the program and the Joint Secretariat:

At the beginning of September, we will organise another webinar to explain how to fulfil the application file in eSudoe. The languages of the meetings will be Spanish, French and Portuguese. They will be recorded and published online so that every interested person will have access to the content of those meetings. Dates will be confirm on our website, social media and community in the next days.

Furthermore, if you have specific questions, we are waiting for you at 60 minutes with Sudoe: every week, during one hour, the time of a coffee, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions in live, in your own language, to the members of the Joint Secretariat. Those sessions will be held on GoToWebinar. The sessions will take place every week, on the same day and hour as it follows:

  • Wednesday 12-1 pm (UTC +2): Spanish
  • Wednesday 3.30-4.30 pm (UTC +2): Portuguese (it means 2.30-3.30pm in Portugal)
  • Thursday 11am-12pm (UTC +2): French

These sessions  will be held during all the month of July. If you want to ask your questions to the Joint Secretariat,please register in the following links. Registration will be valid for all the sessions organized in the same language. More sessions could be organised if needed.


Publication of the official text of the call: 5th June 2018

Applications - First stage: from the 3rd of September 2018 to the 21st of September 2018

Applications - Second stage (indicative) : March/May 2019


Good luck !