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Innovative digitalized information system for healthy ageing

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 18 de septiembre de 2019

Institución: Fundación CIEN

Dirección: Valderrebollo 5



Región: Madrid


Nombre: Miguel Ángel

Fernández Blázquez

Europe has on the table two major challenges that need to be addressed urgently: the progressive ageing of population and the depopulation of rural areas. Both pose problems for the maintenance of the welfare state in the near future. On the one hand, ageing is associated with an increase in the occurrence of several conditions (e.g. frailty, chronic diseases, dependency, dementia, etc.) that impairs directly in the well-being of the elderly and their relatives. On the other hand, the depopulation of rural areas generates inequalities among citizens because of the scarcity of services and specialized health professionals compared to urban areas.


Our proposal will be focused on fostering healthy ageing, especially in terms of the promotion of brain health, and improving the quality of life of older people regardless of where they live. To do that, we plan to create a common network of multidisciplinary professionals to analyze preventive public policies and to exchange good practices in the field of healthy ageing. Moreover, we will develop and test an innovative digitalized information system based on artificial intelligence to remotely monitor physical and cognitive health of older adults through a series of self-reported questionnaires, smart sensors and computing devices in a distributed platform. Ultimately, all this information will be used to make individualized health decisions in terms of prevention, early diagnosis and intervention strategies.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • We are looking for partners through the SUDOE space, and especially in France, within the following sectors:
  • - Local and regional administrations responsible for the care of the elderly
  • - Public and private hospitals and health institutions
  • - Health research institutes and universities
  • - IT companies offering products targeted for older adults
  • - Older adults and patients associations

Resultados Esperados:

We expect to obtain the following results:


- Recommendations of good practices to be implemented by policy-makers

- Development of a non-invasive, intelligent, personalized, predictive, and digital platform for the promotion of healthy ageing

- Design of procedures to obtain personalized recommendations based on the collected data

- A system of communication and exchange of information between users, professionals, and stakeholders

- A network of stakeholders in the field of ageing for the SUDOE regions

Otros Beneficiarios:

  1. Spanish universities and health institutions

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 2,000,000 €

Idioma: ESP