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Implementation of solutions and strategies of smart specialization for the sustainability of regenerative cattle and sheep-goat farming

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 7 de mars de 2023



Región: Galicia

Nombre: Ana

Vazquez Alejos

The project will evaluate the sustainability of various extensive and regenerative production systems for bovine/caprine/ovine production in EU-regions of the SUDOE space, focusing on the environmental footprint, economic profitability and quality of the meat obtained with these livestock farming production systems.

Digital solutions will be developed that will collect and process data in order to determine the environmental footprint of the entire production process, providing management recommendations for the livestock farm, and offering consumer information in various digital formats.


Actions proposed:

1. Inventory of strategies and requirement definition of digital tools.

2. Start-up of the pilots in regenerative/extensive farms. The pilots will cover three aspects: animal checking, soil and environmental testing, and final product testing.

3. Development of intelligent digital tools for cattle management and to provide information for the final consumer.

4. Skilling and training activities in various formats, both for the sector professionals and for final users or consumers. Marketing and commercialization actions.

5. Management, and administrative and economic coordination of the project.

6. Communication, dissemination and capitalization of results. Sensitization campaign.



Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Looking for partners in EU-regions of SUDOE space with experience in any of the following topics:
  • o Centers/universities/research groups interested in deploying a pilot.
  • o Centers/universities/research groups in regenerative and/or extensive livestock farming.
  • o Centers/universities/research groups: regenerative grazing, pasture alternation, pasture analysis (pasture quality, soil quality).
  • o Goat, Sheep and Cow livestock association in extensive/regenerative farming.
  • o Centers/universities/research groups on the environmental footprint of extensive/regenerative livestock farming.
  • o Centers/universities/research groups in water management (resilience against climate change).
  • o Centers/universities/research groups on traceability for extensive/regenerative livestock farming.
  • o Centers/universities/research groups in B2C and B2B and branding for products derived from extensive/regenerative livestock farming.

Otros Beneficiarios:

  1. Universidade de Vigo
  2. Centro Tecnológico de la Carne de Galicia
  3. Asociaciones ganaderas de Galicia
  4. Universidades de Portugal
  5. Asociaciones ganaderas de Portugal

Idioma: ESP