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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 26 de juin de 2019

Institución: AREANATejo

Dirección: Rua 19 de junho, n.º 26



Región: Alto Alentejo


Nombre: Ana


AREANATejo – Regional Energy and Environment Agency from North Alentejo is a Private non for profit organisation of Alto Alentejo region (Portugal).

The geographical coverage of AREANATejo comprises 15 municipalities belonging to the District of Portalegre (Alter do Chão, Arronches, Avis, Campo Maior, Castelo de Vide, Crato, Elvas, Fronteira, Gavião, Marvão, Monforte, Nisa, Portalegre, Ponte de Sor and Sousel) with a total of about 118,000 inhabitants and an average surface of about 6,000 km2.

AREANATejo has the mission to promote and develop activities that contribute to a major energy efficiency and a major use of endogenous resources, to develop projects and methods for a rational use of energy and resources and to disseminate best available techniques and procedures aiming to promote a local sustainable development. Our main areas of expertise are: energy, environment and mobility.

AREANATejo’s main stakeholders are the 15 Municipalities above mentioned, to whom projects and other activities in a.m. expertise areas are developed.

Our main activities include projects related to energy efficiency improvement and to waste and water management but also to renewable energies investments and awareness-raising actions. We are 6 elements’ team, very dynamic and always searching for new opportunities/projects to implement in our region.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • We are interested in joining project ideas/consortium specially under Axis 3, 4 and 5.

Resultados Esperados:

In the past years, we have been involved in several funded projects related to energy efficiency improvement and to waste and water management but also to renewable energies investments, namely:

- MEKUS – Environmental Training and Education Platform

- ALTERCEXA – Cross-Border Cooperation on Renewable Energies ( – Phase I and II

- PeSCoS - Personalised Sustainability Coaching for SMEs (

- ZEroCO2 – Zero Emission Communities (

- PROMOEENER-A - Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in government buildings (

- SMART MED PARKS - Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Technology Parks of the Med Area through Intelligent Models and Uses (

- GREEN PARTNERSHIPS - Local Partnerships for Greener Cities and Regions (

- BIOATLAS – Digital map of biomass available at agricultural and forest levels (

- AQUAPATH - Raising European citizens awareness for sustainable water consumption (

- BIOMASSTEP - Application of the Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology for analysis of the biomass quality in transboundary zones

- RED URBANSOL – Inter-urban Network for Intelligent and Sustainable Development (

- ENERJ – Joint Actions for Energy Efficiency (

- EduFootprint – School Low Carbon Footprint in Mediterranean cities (

- STEPPING – Supporting The EPC Public Procurement IN Going-beyond (

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 100.000€ - 250.000€

Idioma: PRT