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AEROSUD – Business innovation and competitiveness in the aerospace industry in the SUDOE Area by strengthening transnational clusters and integration of smart specialization strategies

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 2 de octubre de 2019

Institución: Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla

Dirección: Plaza de la Contratación 8



Región: Andalucía


Nombre: Pablo


The SUDOE Area is geographically located in one of the EU corners, implying more difficulties for economic development and exchange with other EU regions, and being transport and physical communications key for the development of their regions. Fortunately, aerospace industry has been developed in some of the SUDOE regions, representing an opportunity which is reflected in their corresponding RIS3.


Nevertheless, the development of each of the aerospace clusters and industries located in the SUDOE regions are not interconnected, thus wasting further possibilities for common investments on innovation or benefiting of technology transfers in order to be more competitive and compete against other geographical areas.


The RIS3 in each territory have to be updated towards the new EU framework for the period 2021-2027, at the same time as the global market is evolving, especially in high competitive sectors, as the aerospace industry is, and in which billions of euros and thousands of jobs are on the table.


AEROSUD aims to improve policies on business innovation and support in the SUDOE aerospace industry by the development of common knowledge, capacity building, exchange of experiences, technology transfer and access to the market among the organizations operating in the sector.


After completing a first joint strategic analysis of the sector, in which special focus will be taken in other international clusters or competitive industrial cooperation networks, and an in depth identification of good practices, the partners will address the activities in three main aspects:


– Policy level: where the policy makers develop the future policies, regulations and programmes, which may contribute to the planning of new investments and mobilising EU funded instruments.

– Operational support level: where clusters, business support organizations and innovation agents acquire knowledge to support and implement the programmes designed at policy level and through the best practices analysed.

– Private and business level: where transferable business models and high added value technologies take part and contribute with tangible results and economic impact in the concerned territories.


Project partners will work on improving the participation of the sector in transnational innovation processes and close-to-the-market R&D&I aiming to strengthen the SUDOE Area overall position within both the European and the Global aerospace market.


AeroSud also collaborates in maximizing the internationalization of the regional sectors in order to bring together more important and synchronized and complementary efforts. The partners will support the regional SMES to be benefited from cluster-to-cluster collaborations.


Since the project aimed at creating inter-cluster and interregional long-lasting relations, the partnership will also create a transnational network to be continued beyond the project lifetime and to be consequently expanded which will assure future intensive SUDOE intercluster cooperation.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Universities, Research Centers, Technological Centers, Scientific/Technological Parks.
  • Mainly French and Portuguese Partners required.
  • Only Spanish partners accepted with high expertise in the topic tackled.

Resultados Esperados:

Policy change in the partners' regions improving the implementation of the policy instruments under Structural Funds programmes devoted to support business innovation, investments and public-private financing of innovation projects, in particular in the aerospace industry and related sub-sectors.

Increased capacity of the Regional Governments to adequate the Smart Specialisation Strategy and policies to the needs and potential of their territory.

Services of innovation provided by research organisations improved and ensuring their financial sustainability.

Improved cooperation between public authorities, business sector, universities and R&D institutions;

Developed monitoring systems within the research and organisations on the performance of their activities linked to the market.

Otros Beneficiarios:

  1. Regional Innovation Agency
  2. Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 1,300,000 €

Idioma: ESP