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e-RURAL HEALTH: A smart Health Solution for ageing people living in rural areas

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 9 de marzo de 2017

Institución: Universidad de Cantabria



Región: Cantabria


Nombre: María

Herrero Gomez

The main goal of this project is to create a long-term cooperation network devoted to provide techniques based on ICTs to aid on the monitoring of elderly people, paying special attention to those people that lives in rural homes that cannot travel easily to their medical center.

Within this network, several facets must be addressed towards the final sustainability of the project, starting from the development of new sensors that make possible medical diagnostic of people living at isolated areas. These long-term cares systems must be completed with an exhaustive medical analysis and pilot verification in order to achieve realiable diagnostics and make possible the definition of new telemedicine protocols definition.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Local authorities, hospitals, health public institutions able to provide in situ measures and a number of patients to use and prove the technology developed.
  • We look for partners from France eligible in Interreg SUDOE

Resultados Esperados:

Since e-RuralHealth is focused on continuous monitoring of elderly people, two key medical issues will be addressed during this project: frailty assessment and cardiovascular monitoring to allow an early detection of critical thresholds of people living in rural areas.

This proposal is driven by three basic features: the development of technological tools that allow a non-invasive data collection of people of interest; the design of procedures that obtain medical diagnostics and recommendation based on the available data and the in-situ verification of both technological tools and procedures to determine the actual status of elderly people living at their own homes, being not necessary their trip to their medical center for routine clinical evaluations. The available data covers both facets: to provide the medical staff continuous data of different parameters to aid in diagnostic process and to provide the own patients (or their families) objective measurements of their evolution.

Otros Beneficiarios:

  1. Universities, research institutes, health policy-makers and public organisations

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 1.500.000 €

Idioma: ESP