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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 22 de febrero de 2017

Institución: County Council of Granada - Spain

Dirección: CIE Diputación de Granada



Región: Andalucía


Nombre: Trinidad

Manrique de Lara Vílchez


Developing marine strategies to reduce litter in coastal areas (sea and earth) is one of the keys for the development of SUCH areas, marked by its big environmental fragility as a result of human activity, as well as for its high potential to be developed.

They are very urbanized areas, with great tourist activity that, together with the fishing and agrarian, generates a large amount of waste.

In turn, its environmental quality is essential to take advantage of its touristic, fishing and agrarian possibilites.

Tourism depends on a healthy surrounding and a sustainable use of natural resources. These circumstances will make possible its diversification and the reduction of seasonality, through ecotourism, nautical sports and other elements of the blue economy.

Several innovative experiences show that the fishing sector can be a key agent in the marine litter collection. On the other hand, it could also be a way to diversify fishers’ activities and improve their social image. Such experiences could be transferred to other sectors or agents: nautical sportspeople, hikers…

The agrarian sector has also a key role in the generation of coast residues. Besides, people who practice fishing activities are sometime the same who develop agrarian ones.

Initiatives to collect litter in beaches and marine water are dispersed, uncoordinated and the information about them is not standardised.

It is also indispensable making aware and implicates citizens on this matter.


– Reducing environmental impact of human activity on marine and coast surrounding through an integral intervention around litter.

– Rise in value natural heritage of the coast as a resource of socioeconomic development of the territory


– Implement pilot actions linked to the collection, recycling and analysis of coast litter:

o In the sea (floating litter, columns of water, in shallow bottoms and platform bottoms): fishing sector, tourism, nautical sport, etc.

o In the land surroundings around the sea (beaches, neighbour natural spaces): schoolchild, hikers, beach bars, beach tourism

– Creation of a tool to standardize the data collection with the support of TICs

– Establishment of points of litter classified collection (e. g. in fishing or sport ports) and implementation of potential recycling measures

– Study of coastal litter origin in order to create maps that would allow the design of intervention strategies

– Citizen awareness: special attention to schoolchild, fishers’ family environment, tourists:

o Informative posters in key points: beaches, coastal natural paths

o Educational exhibition

o Tourist activities for environmental awareness (E.g.: Going with fishers during one of its every day activity to be able to observe their collection of sea litter)

– Promoting the introduction of criteria of the UE ecological label linked to litter in the coastal tourist enterprises

– Transfer and capitalization of results


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Entities from the coast territories or that represent such areas that could provide experiences linked to collection, classification or analysis of litter in the sea, beaches and its land surrounding: environmental organisations or linked to collection of coast wages, development agencies, representatives of coastal tourist sector (catering and hotel industry, nautical tourism and sport…), port authorities, organisations linked to fishers, research centres on this matter…

Resultados Esperados:

Identification and experimentation of measures for litter collection in coastal areas liable to be sustainable and transferred.

Reducing the information gap on litter from coastal environments, through standardisation of data obtained with its collection and an analysis of its origin.

Increase of awareness of key collective and citizens in relation to litter in coast surroundings.

Presupuesto Total Estimado: Por determinar

Idioma: ESP