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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 16 de marzo de 2023

Institución: ITG. Fundación Instituto Tecnológica de Galicia

A Coruña

Región: Galicia

Nombre: Pablo

Carrasco Ortega

The objective of the project is to develop tools and actions that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the context of rural municipalities.

In the first place, actions will be carried out aimed at characterizing the current energy context. Energy regulations will be evaluated, diagnoses of the current state of energy facilities will be carried out and different measures will be evaluated to reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy.

Secondly, ICT technologies will be used to model the energy behaviour of buildings and facilities and to develop energy planning and management tools.

Thirdly, different pilot projects for energy efficiency and renewable will be implemented and their behaviour will be evaluated in real time, allowing the exchange of experiences between partners.

Finally, based on the conclusions drawn from the previous stages, each rural municipality will develop an action plan to become a highly efficient and energetically positive municipality. In turn, it will prepare a methodological guide for the transfer of good practices and innovative experiences that will facilitate the replication of the process in other rural municipalities.

Among others, the measures to be considered in the project will be: (1) optimization of electricity and fuel billing, (2) efficiency of heating and cooling facilities, (3) improvement of interior and exterior lighting, (4) improvement of the envelope, (5) renewable energies, (6) digitization, (7) thermal networks, (8) cogeneration, (9) storage, (10) flexibility of demand.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Spain
  • Competent public authorities
  • Civil society organizations
  • Portugal
  • Competent public authorities
  • Scientific and technological organizations
  • Civil society organizations
  • France
  • Competent public authorities
  • Scientific and technological organizations
  • Civil society organizations

Idioma: ESP