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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 12 de diciembre de 2016

Institución: Diputación de Ávila

Dirección: C/ Canteros s/n



Región: Castilla y León


Nombre: Alberto

López Casillas

Natural spaces in SUDOE territory have a large potential for promoting sky watching as tourism attraction. This issue has different perspectives to boost, like natural value promotion, cultural aspects… and all these views share a common ground in sky watching so it is important to identify each territory strong points to manage it sustainably, in order to avoid negative impacts in the territory if sky watching is promote.


The main natural resource identified is an appropriate dark sky to allow stars watching in optimum conditions, which is a big attraction for specialized people in astronomic observations but also for tourism who are not experts but look for places to have a sky view not accessible in cities and other sites. In this regard, SUDOE territory offers interesting points as reflected lighting pollution maps like this, where SODOE area presents a larger surface of not polluted sky than other Europe zones.


In this regard, there are some interesting experiences to give an added value to this resource, as demonstrate the existence of different labels of dark sky areas, but there is an absence of a comprehensive network of areas, municipalities and tourism facilities with sky watching and dark sky as tourism attraction in SUDOE territory.



Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Tourism promotion organizations
  • Organizations linked to lighting pollution reduction

Resultados Esperados:

The project proposal aims to identify a network of places and areas with sky watching potential in SUDOE territory, and the identification of watching points in order to give an added value to these infrastructures and these areas.


On the other hand, there is a gap between potential visitors to those areas and municipalities, tourism facilities and local population, so the project proposal aims to launch recommendations and good practices to boost an appropriate resource management by these stakeholders.


For this purpose, there will be a work to promote sky watching resource in those areas, providing information about correct resource management, recommendations for tourism facilities and to achieve a link between stars watching and cultural traditions of the selected areas.


In summary, the project aims to support natural spaces managers with resources and methods to give an added value to the resource, considering in this regard that as a resource, it has to be promoted with sustainable criteria, involving all the stakeholders around it and attracting local population to its promotion and preservation.

Moreover, the project will create a cooperation network among tourism promotion organizations and astronomy and sky watching associations, in order to allow a responsible resource promotion.


Otros Beneficiarios:

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Presupuesto Total Estimado: 1.800.000

Idioma: ESP