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IMPLEMENTS (innovative management platform for SME´s)

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 3 de febrero de 2019


Dirección: Pza Vizconde de Miranda 2



Región: Andalucía


Nombre: Luis


Small and medium enterprises have the added difficulty of not being able to access the large IT solutions for Integral Management, which would guarantee them to obtain constant information on the company’s progress. This becomes a fundamental fact for decision making and that, if they had had it, probably the number of small closures. companies would have been infinitely smaller.

RedComercio has developed a compendium of 25 actions that should be carried out in all companies. with an added value for decision making superior to that provided, among others, by the companies.

Financial Areas or Sales.

The difficulty lies in the possibility of hiring people capable of carrying out these actions, and either because of scarce economic resources or because this type of professional simply does not exist.

The work is already partly developed (see http://bit.ly/2lE4fkO), but the speed with which new Management Tools appear, makes it necessary to CREATE A GLOBAL MANAGEMENT APPLICATION, supported by low-cost and very useful MOBILE APPLICATIONS for SMEs to generate their own processes of Personnel Selection, Communication, Suggestion Box, Controls, etc. of Quality, Prevention, Environmental Management…etc…

As an added value, a free BUSINESS NETWORK will be created for all users of the System, from which you can COLLABORATE, look for professionals, hire Consultants, etc…

The main objective will therefore be to generate greater competitiveness in SMEs to achieve, through networking, generate valid synergies in the countries of the E.U., which will undoubtedly favor trade and business exchange.

Planned actions:

1. Recruitment of Partners

2. Dissemination of the strategy to be followed

3. Integrated System Development and Specific Applications

4. Translation the System to several languages

5. Pilot Practices

6.Training actions

7. Implementation of the System in pilot companies (suitable between 50 and 200 workers, minimum)

8. Technical assistance to enterprises

9. Evaluation of results and adaptation to the needs detected

10. Launch the System among all interested SMEs



Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Business associations , Technology parks , Computer developers , Human Resources Consultants, Colleges , Public Administration

Resultados Esperados:

The result that is expected with the work developed is the achievement of a change of mentality in SMEs and micro-SMEs, so that they become aware that a lot of data is needed to make the right decisions, and that the only way to achieve them is by implementing new ways of managing processes and people.

It is intended to reach, during the development of the Project (2 years) the figure of at least 200 companies belonging to the affected countries that develop effectively, at least 10 of the 25 tasks to be carried out.

mentioned in the previous summary, and what they are:

1. Analysis and description of jobs

2. Detection of training needs

3. Training Plans

4. Provision of Training (face-to-face, online)

5. Training Management

6. Staff career plans

7. Staff selection

8. Reception plan

9. Assessment of job positions

10. Evaluation of performance

11. Compensation plan

12. Work climate analysis

13. Motivation Plans

14. Training in behaviour

15. Management of high performance teams

16. Coaching

17. Customer Satisfaction Analysis

18. CRM Planning

19. Quality management, PRL and environment

20. Communication Planning

21. Knowledge management

22. SWOT studies

23. Outplacement Plans

24. Corporate Social Responsibility Plans

25. Integral computerized management of Human Resources

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 2.000.000,- €

Idioma: ESP