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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 31 de agosto de 2015

Institución: CIEBI - Centro de Inovação Empresarial da Beira Interior

Dirección: Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, nº 62, 1º Dtº



Región: Centro


Nombre: João


CIEBI is part of a European network with approximately 200 interactive BICs (Business Innovation Centers), which are part of EBN (European Business and Innovation Center Network).


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Research Institutes
  • Universities
  • Business Associations
  • Business and inovation Centres

Resultados Esperados:

We develop activities in various areas:

  • Support, promotion, creation and development of small and medium enterprises with innovative features and its monitoring, as well as cooperation with public, private, regional and international organizations.
  • Stimulate and promote entrepreneurship and the creation of new businesses and jobs, based on local and regional potential
  • Promoting and developing structuring projects for local and regional development in partnership with national and European public entities
  • Develop and support training actions with our own training methodologies for entrepreneurs, and promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies from the scientific and technological system (SCT ) and cooperation with companies.
  • Providing space and logistical support services to new companies during its pre-incubation phase;
  • Providing intellectual capital and know-how, with the purpose of the virtual and physical incubation of companies;
  • Promoting innovative business activities that may lead to the creation of new enterprises and modernization of existing enterprises;
  • Providing assistance in the areas of innovation and new technologies.

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