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Interested in participating as project partner

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 26 de junio de 2018

Institución: DIPUTACION DE ALICANTE (Alicante County Council)



Región: Comunidad Valenciana


Nombre: Viesca


The province of Alicante is geographically located in the southeast of Spain and is the southernmost and least extensive province of the Valencian Region (25,01% of its territory, 5.816 km2). Spanish and Valencian are the two official languages in the province of Alicante, as is the case in the rest of the Valencian Region.


It is the fifth most populated province in Spain, with 1.836.459 inhabitants in 2016, the fifth in population density and the most densely populated of the Valencian Community. It has 141 municipalities and its capital is the city of Alicante. However, 8 municipalities have more than 50.000 inhabitants, being the province with the highest degree of urbanization in the country.

The Diputación de Alicante is a public administration whose purpose is the government of the province. Its competences consist of providing services to the 141 municipalities, legal advice, economic support and cooperation in promoting the economic and social development of the province with public and private entities and planning in the provincial territory through the provincial plans of work and services and financially sustainable investments.

In the Provincial Council of Alicante there are 1.400 people working among civil servants, work personnel and scholarship holders.


The Office of European funds is a department attached to the Presidency that aims to raise European funds for the different areas of Diputación and its autonomous agencies and the municipalities of the province.




Alicante Smart Province Strategy is the strategy for municipalities less than 20.000 population to break the digital gap. The aim is to join forces in the «innovation ecosystem» between provincial administrations, universities and scientific parks among others, in order to technologically interconnect the 141 municipalities.




Diputación de Alicante is a Territorial Coordinator through the Provincial Energy Agency, of the European Covenant of Mayors. Under the “Provincial Energy Savings Plan” has organized several annual calls to finance signatory municipalities’ development of their Baseline Emissions Inventories (BEIs) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), and several annual calls to finance the actual implementation of measures defined in these SEAPs.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Organistaions leading SUDOE projects

Resultados Esperados:

The Alicante County Council is interested to participate in the SUDOE programmed as a partner in the following priorities:


Axis 2: Competitiveness of SMEs.

Axis 3: Law-carbon economy.

Axis 4: Combating climate change.


Presupuesto Total Estimado: Total cost of project (1 m€ - 2 m€)

Idioma: ESP