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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 5 de septiembre de 2018

Institución: Lisboa E-Nova, Agência de Energia e Ambiente de Lisboa



Región: Lisboa


Nombre: Maria João


Lisboa E-Nova (LEN) is a private non-profit association (Energy Agency of Lisbon) whose purpose is to promote the sustainable development of Lisbon and its metropolitan area. In a perspective that integrates measures to adapt to climate change and mitigation actions and supporting innovation and the development of projects that allow the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, LEN works towards a low carbon city and less vulnerable to the effects of the future climate. A city that is an example to follow in the path of decarbonization and that focuses on the welfare of the citizen and future generations. A key element in the operationalization of transformation – the city, the citizens, economy – in the vision and construction of a sustainable and resilient future.



• Our main activity areas

Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency and Renewables, Mobility, Water, Climate Change and Environmental Education.


• Our skills and expertise

Interdisciplinary Team, Energy Efficient Buildings and Renewables integration, Mobility planning and policies, Urban Regeneration and Climate Change adaptation, Urban Water Cycle Management and water efficiency, Capacity Building and Stakeholders Engagement.


• Our Experience of EU funded projects

19 European Projects

6 European Projects ongoing:

2 project H2020 ongoing : Sharing Cities (smart cities) and Integridy (smart grids)

2 project Interreg SUDOE ongoing : REHABILITE (Axis3) and CEMOWAS (Axis5)

1 project Interreg MED ongoing : LOCATIONS (Urban Transports)


What we could offer to a consortium ?

The City of Lisbon as a case study / alive urban lab

Deep knowledge and engagement with local stakeholders

Technical knowledge in the expertise areas

Wide technical database for Smart Decisions in Lisbon : e.g. Smart metering, Solar map, Street Lighting, Water Consumption, Public Transportation .

Experience in managing and partnering in European Projects


What are our main sectors of interest related with the open calls INTERRG SUDOE ?

Axis 2, 3 and Axis 4/ Sectors :

Management of cultural heritage

Improving energy efficiency

Water resources

Environmental services


Use of renewable energy in public buildings and housing


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • To be defined

Resultados Esperados:

1) To join an existing consortium where our expertise fits the project idea.

2) To find suitable partners to develop an idea and create a proposal.

Presupuesto Total Estimado: To be defined

Idioma: PRT