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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 6 de junio de 2018

Institución: Fundació Universitat Jaume I - Empresa

Dirección: Edificio Consell Social, Universitat Jaume I, Campus Riu Sec, s/n


Castellón de la Plana

Región: Castellón de la Plana


Nombre: Marta

Eslava Martínez

We’re looking for partners in order to participate in different projects.


The Foundation Universitat Jaume I Empresa (FUE-UJI) of Castellón, Valencian community (Spain), is promoted by the University, the Social Council of the University and the Confederación de Empresarios de Castellón (CEC) (Employer Association of Castellón). Nowadays, FUE-UJI is composed of 17 employees. It was founded in 1993 with the aim of collaborating with the University in the development and creation of activities leading to educate, obtain results in research projects, generate postgraduate work opportunities and improve the potential of companies in addition to the economic and social sectors of Castellón.

Aims and objectives:

• Exploration for the socio-economic environment in the competence areas of the Foundation;

• Promotion of concluding agreements and research contracts;

• Increase in university education of non-formal and quality postgraduate training: postgraduate, specialization and expert courses; as well as continuous training.

• Promotion of university activities;

• Increase in internships in companies, promoting the participation in national programs;

• Creation of awards, grants and financial support for research and training.

Currently this Institution is composed by 28 Trustees. As a matter of fact, the Board of Trustees is formed by the major companies and institutions of the Province of Castellón.

In FUE-UJI a Placement Program of Extracurricular Traineeships is managed in order to develop formative activities. It involves students, supervised by a professional of the company where the traineeship is held and by an academic tutor of the Universitat Jaume I. The main objective is to allow the student to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their education process and to enhance, at the same time, their acquisition of skills in order that students are prepared for the development of professional activities. Furthermore, the program intends to facilitate their employability and to encourage their entrepreneurship capacity. Some activities of the Training Department, where the mobility program is being managed, are the publication of the squares through the website, establishing cooperation agreement between the parties, by monitoring with forms and questionnaires, mentoring and involving ourselves in coordinating travels, accommodation and others. FUE has managed for several years a Scholarship Program for graduates as Leonardo da Vinci, which later started to manage directly the University.

The R&D is another section of FUE-UJI and it is represented by the office of technology transfer. Its main purpose is to facilitate and promote the collaboration between the research groups of the University and the socioeconomic sector. About the Program Experience, it was created by the Department of Scholarships for Graduates. It is addressed to recent graduates who are unemployed in order to complete their theoretical training through internships in companies.

EuroFUE-UJI is the European and International Projects Office of FUE-UJI, which mission is to get funding to develop innovative projects together with UJI research groups, companies and associations, among others.

Therefore, FUE-UJI is in charge of different types of activities such as:


• Managing the program of internships and work placement of students, as well as a scholarship program for university graduates. The participation in national programs is possible by extending the internships in companies.

• Managing postgraduate training, such as University Official Master’s Degrees, specialization courses and continuous training.

• Fostering research and development agreements: networking and technological platform which brings scientific research to the company.

• Promoting prizes, grants and any other initiative or event aimed towards research and training.

• Participation in European and R&D projects.

• Organizing national and international seminars, congresses, summits.

• Continuous survey of economic and social contexts.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • From all countries.

Resultados Esperados:

We expect to find partners who are involved in Sudoe projects (or even projects out of this call). We want to be partners in a project that already exists.

Presupuesto Total Estimado: Not decided yet.

Idioma: ESP