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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 8 de agosto de 2018

Institución: International Center for Advanced Materials and raw materials of Castilla y León (ICAMCyL Foundation)

Dirección: Parque Tecnológico de León, Edificio de Usos Múltiples C/ Julia Morros S/N Primera Planta, Oficinas 106-108


Armunia (León)

Región: Castilla y León


Nombre: Pérez Barrio


ICAMCyL is a non-profit research foundation created by the main industries of the Castilla y León region (Spain) in the sectors of advanced materials, engineering, mining and processing, and automotive. Supported by the County Government of Leon, and the Regional Government of Castilla y León (CyL; Spain), constitutes a singular Competence Center with the objective of filling the gaps in the Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) of the region. Our main objetives are:


-Sustainable mining of the XXI Century: The development and integration of novel practices that can reduce the environmental impact and footprint of the mining and extractive industries, with a particular focus on endogenous resources and raw materials, is one of the main objectives of our center.


-Advanced materials: The design, synthesis, modification, fabrication of novel and advanced (nano)materials and their application in relevant industrial sectors constitutes another key activitity within our Center. Selected materials of interest. Nanomaterials: graphene, composites, polymers, thin films; Ceramic and piezoelectric materials; Novel materials for additive manufacturing and 3D printing; Materials under extreme conditions for aerospace applications (alloys); Raw materials; Waste materials; Materials for energy: batteries & fuel cells, carbon capture and storage, etc.


ICAMCyL among other disciplines is an expert partner in advanced materials, nanomaterials, energy, graphene technology, materials testing, integrated computational engineering, biophysics, environmental compatibility, eco-innovation, multiscale modelling, life-cycle modelling and assessment, value chain design, innovation policy, materials safety, environmental compatibility and Nanotoxicity assessment of materials.


We take part of the international strategy of industrial resource efficiency management, energy efficiency, eco-innovation and critical materials substitution, being directly related to the European Innovation Partnership in Raw Materials (EIP-Raw Materials). In this regard, ICAMCyL is a key partner in several action groups, and we are chairing a specialized working group for the CRMs in the Nanotechnology Value Chain within the EU-NANOFUTURES association. ICAMCyL is also in charge of the regional cluster for mining, raw materials and associated services.


As competence center aligned with the RIS3 strategy of the region, we can provide different pilots due to our Governmental shareholders. We can bring in to the project SMEs, stakeholders and any other relevant actors. We are experts in innovation policies, clustering and delivering high-technical solutions.



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1) Join an already established consortium which may benefit from our expertise


2) Finding suitable partners to develop an idea

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Idioma: ESP