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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 6 de marzo de 2017

Institución: Leonardo Torres Quevedo Foundation of the University of Cantabria

Dirección: Avenida de Los Castros, 44



Región: Cantabria


Nombre: Manuel

Revuelta González

The FLTQ is a non-profit organization that promotes research, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer, both at the University of Cantabria (UC) and at a general regional level. Main areas of activity:


– Technology transfer promotion between UC R & D groups and the business sector. The FLTQ also manages directly researching agreements arising from these relationships.

– Entrepreneurship, the FLTQ is widely experienced in advisory services, training and support in all stages: pre-entrepreunership, defining the entrepreneurial project idea, development of the business model and business plan, constitution and implementation of the project, search for funding.

– Participation both in national and international entrepreneurship and technology transfer networks networks.

– Management of the Technology Development Center at UC (CDTUC in Spanish). This is the technology park of the UC and currently has 23 companies, 12 of which are university spin outs. The park also counts on a business incubator to increase the chance of a successful consolidation.

– Participation in the Erasmus+ program as part of a partnership among universities, chambers of commerce and companies from Italy, Germany and Slovenia.


For any other information, please visit our websites:

– http://web.unican.es/fltq/presentacion

– www.cdtuc.com



Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Any entity leading an interesting project.

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We would be interested in being part of the project partnership and proposal execution.

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