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Key Enabling Technologies for the Circular Economy in SUDOE´s Cities

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 18 de enero de 2017

Institución: MADRID ACTIVA



Región: Comunidad de Madrid


Nombre: JORGE


The new circular economy – non-linear – proposes to close the life cycle of products and services through the collaboration of the actors, linking inputs and outputs through innovation, design, process intelligence and generate new materials, with the purpose of adding value to the waste that is currently discarded. In this process the so-called Key Enabling Technologies can contribute enormously to the optimization of a circular economy in all processes.

On the other hand, in the European Southwest cities are holding over 70% of the population and account for the bulk of economic activity and growth. Cities rely heavily on external resources to meet the needs of their citizens in terms of food and energy, for example. It is also in the cities where more goods are consumed and larger volumes of waste are generated. In short, the urban areas of South-West Europe can be constituted as a priority living space for the application of KETs of the Circular Economy in the 3 phases of Production_Consumption_Management of Waste and Secondary Raw Materials

The main objective of the project will be to create a platform with the actors involved in the circular economy ecosystem (COMPANIES, LOCAL ADMINISTRATION, RESEARCH CENTERS, UNIVERSITIES …) for the dissemination and development of pilot actions and multi-KETs demonstration projects applied in the PRODUCTION, CONSUMPTION, WASTE MANAGEMENT USE OF SECONDARY RAW MATERIALS in the cities of South-West Europe, which will function as Living Lab spaces for application of research and innovation towards a model of circular economy in urban areas.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Universities
  • Research centers
  • Technology centers
  • Business associations
  • Governmental and regional institutions related to R&D&I and KET

Resultados Esperados:

- Map of actors involved in the circular economy ecosystem in urban areas of Sudoe

- Initial analysis of the product cycle and processes of circular economy in urban areas

- Creation of a Technological Platform for the diffusion of innovative multi-KET solutions of the circular economy for its application in urban areas of the South-West European in the phases of production, consumption, waste management and use of urban raw materials

- Local and Transnational Workshops

- Pilot actions for application of the KETs in the SUDOE´s cities

- Evaluation of results and diffusion



Presupuesto Total Estimado: 1.200.000

Idioma: ESP