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New and improved approach for the transfer of technology and knowledge in the SUDOE area. (TURBO SUDOE II)

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 26 de agosto de 2019

Institución: Universidad de Burgos

Dirección: Juan de Austria s/n



Región: Spain


Nombre: Verónica

Sedano de la Fuente

The project to be submitted is a proposal based on the valorisation of a previous TURBO SUDOE project that is being executed. You can know the details of the TURBO SUDOE project in the following link: https://www.turbo-sudoe.eu/en/


The aim of the project we are working on is to foster the transfer of technology and knowledge from universities and technology centres to business sector in the SUDOE area.


To promote technology transfer in the TURBO SUDOE project (2016-2019), a new transfer methodology was developed. This new methodology has as one of its key elements the figure of Transference Brokers, agents specialized in putting in contact the institutions that generate scientific knowledge with the companies that need this new knowledge to improve their productive processes and face the challenges of the future.


The new project will capitalize on the lessons accumulated in the previous project and improve specific issues related to the implementation of the project. From a sectoral point of view, the new project will focus on the agro-food sector and the forestry industry.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • The profiles of the partners that are being sought are business associations and clusters in the SUDOE area, which are focused on the agro-food sector and the forest industry.

Resultados Esperados:


The project will value the knowledge generated from the university and technology centres, addressing some of the issues that limit the use of these innovative technologies by the business sector.


In this way, the project will dynamize the presentation to public calls (mainly European calls, such as H2020 or LIFE), of collaborative projects that will take advantage of the knowledge and technologies available in the universities and technology centres integrated in the promoting consortium.

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 1.500.000

Idioma: ESP