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PRUNECO: Energy and new materials ecoinnovation from prunning waste

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 24 de julio de 2019

Institución: Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía

Dirección: Av. Juan de la Cierva 24, Parc Tecnològic de València



Región: Comunitat Valenciana


Nombre: Mario

Sánchez Brox

Currently, a large amount of pruning waste from public and especially private parks and gardens, ends up in the garbage container. This generates an environmental problem (gases generated during waste transport and treatment) and an economic problem (high volume of waste to be managed, costs of opportunity). However, thanks to technological and business model innovations, this waste can be valued as a resource for the generation of renewable energy (biogas) and the development of active carbons (filters for water purification). With the right business model, we will achieve higher penetration of waste into the circular economy and obtain new products with positive impacts on CO2 emissions and water quality.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Chamber of commerce / Technology to market consultancy (PT/FR): communication and business model development
  • City (PT): pilot site for pruning waste collection, biogas plant already operational, polluted waters
  • City (FR): pilot site for prunning waste collection, biogas plant already operational, polluted waters.
  • Company (ES/PT/FR): innovative active carbon development
  • Company (ES/PT/FR): innovative biogas plant development

Resultados Esperados:

- 25% increase in the share of pruning waste reintroduced into the economic cycle.

- Validation of the feasibility of (one/two) business model(s) for pruning waste management.

- Demonstration of 1 (or more) innovative process for efficient biogas production adapted to SUDOE pruning waste characteristics.

- Demonstration of 1 (or more) innovative product for water filtering using SUDOE-specific pruning waste.

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 1.000.000€

Idioma: ESP