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Recovery of the public city garden center to develop agroecology innovation actions

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 6 de febrero de 2017

Institución: Centro Tecnologico de la Energía y del Medio Ambiente (CETENMA)



Región: Murcia


Nombre: Francisca

Sanchez Liarte

The aim of the project is recovering the old Garden Centre of the city of Murcia (placed at the South East of Spain). It was born in 1985 with a surface of 10.3 Ha. This garden Center was the main source of ornamental plants for the city. Unfortunately, at this time it is almost abandoned, even with deposits of construction and demolition materials.


The idea is to recover and rehabilitee the place and develop activities of agroecology innovation value, including spaces for therapeutic groves, wetlands, a “garden of senses”, with the participation of people in risk of social exclusion and other citizen collectives, in order to face today main ambient (climate change, biodiversity deterioration and loose), and agrofood challenges (security and food excellence).


The main concept of this idea is to export this philosophy to other places in Europe with similar characteristics, that is, abandoned places that were cultural and natural references in the past and willing to be reborn for citizens and tourists, promoting eco-innovation and eco-tourism.


Specific objectives:

• Design a sustainable agrosystem, from an agroecology point of view.

• Recover, conserved and put in value the agro biodiversity in danger.

• Recover and disseminate the traditional agro culture (in this particular case of the “Huerta de Murcia” (grove of Murcia)).

• Development of therapeutic groves.

• Valorizaciton of local varieties for gastronomy.

• Activities of social and labour integration.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • - cities with same natural spaces to be recovered
  • - research institutions

Resultados Esperados:

• Valorisation of endogenous resources (local plant varieties, land culture..) and small commercialization circuits start up.

• Recolection of first crops and wild food

• Collaboration among scientist, technical experts, etc., to find the perfect social benefit.

• Creation of therapeutic groves seminars, courses, etc.

• Facilities with maxima energy efficiency, using renewable energies (sun, wind, biomass).

• Development of educational activities for children, and especially from the Agrofood system point of view.

• Replicability of the project in other areas

Otros Beneficiarios:

  1. City of Murcia
  2. Agrofood researchinstitution

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 2M€

Idioma: ESP