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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 22 de marzo de 2017

Institución: Municipality of Benlloch

Dirección: Paraje Grutas de Sant Josep s/n


La Vall d'Uixo

Región: Castellon


Nombre: Susana




Nowadays in our reality having regard to:

– the importance of agriculture and agribusiness for the economy and the specific features of Mediterranean agriculture (in particular relying on wine production)

– the predominant role of small (and medium) enterprises in the wine economic sector

– the importance wine culture and its role in the tourism (climate, landscapes, cultural heritage, etc.), a potential for growth that is still strong and a need to promote a more sustainable tourism industry


Overall objective of the project is:

To increase the competitive level of territories connected by Roman Roads from other countries and areas in the world, promoting and transferring knowledge and best practices to the European territory, improving social innovation and strengthening the culture, tourism activities and sustainable development.


Specific objectives / Expected results:

– strengthen the connection and cooperation between research, innovation and businesses

– strengthen and widen the Vinest Network, engaging new wine areas and regions, and transfers the innovative business model developed by Vinest Network

– improve the capacity of SMEs to use the results research and innovation produced by large research and innovation poles

– strengthen growth of wine sector in Roman Roads representing important jobs potential and promoting social innovation in connection with tourism and wine production sectors

– Implementation of active policies against climate change and capitalize adaptation efforts to climate change on agricultural territory



1. Capacity building activities to capitalize the Vinest Network activity, exchange and transfer experiences between regions, SMEs, Universities and civil society

2. Active participation process with cooperation approach and the establishment of communication and collaboration synergies between local players of the rural and agricultural European territory

3. Creation of Wine Tourist Routes (Roman Roads) of Wine Areas in Mediterranean areas of Europe

4. Innovative process and products development (Integrated Quality Management, Brand and quality standards of the wines in the Roman routes, Wine Roman Roads Museum, Networking platform for visualizing problems caused by climate change in the agricultural environment, and introduce proposals and actions to address climate change or adapt to it)

5. Active gender policies implementation in order to strengthen the role of women in development

6. Dissemination activities, used beyond project partners reaching large number of end-users


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Profile of the required beneficiaries:
  • - Municipality/Local authority,
  • - Company (SME),
  • - University/Knowledge center and
  • - NGO
  • - In the field of viticulture, wine-production, tourism, organizations working in cultural-historical areas, rural development, etc.

Resultados Esperados:

Expected Results

- Transnational discussions and transnational decision making processes activated, starting from the Vinest Network background

- Vinest business model shared and implemented

- Regions, SMEs, Universities and civil society trained

- Tourism activity, wine production and employment level increased in the targeted areas

- Specific innovative process and products developed

Presupuesto Total Estimado: ?

Idioma: GBR