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Sewage reduction from leisure boats in the Western Mediterranean and the adjoining Atlantic coastal regions

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 31 de julio de 2019

Institución: SEA TEACH S.L.

Dirección: Port Petit 208


Cala d'Or

Región: Islas Baleares


Nombre: Max


The sewage discharge for merchant navy and fishing vessels is widely regulated and controlled following the guidelines of Annex IV in the MARPOL Convention. While there are European and national regulations on sewage discharge for recreational craft, there is a lack of control, pumping and treatment facilities for these kind of vessels in the Western Mediterranean. This results in the massive illegal discharge of human waste into ports, marinas and coastal areas. As a result, there are many different environmental impacts, such as odours, eutrophication, major alteration of coastal ecosystems and the spread of disease-causing organisms to flourish in these areas. In the Mediterranean, the most critical impact is the affectation of Posidonia Oceanica meadows listed as a priority habitat in the EU- Habitats Directive. The degradation of these areas has a direct economic impact on coastal communities as a result of reduced coastal tourism and catches in small scale professional and recreational fishing.


The objective of the project will be the reduction of the sewage contamination produced by the uncontrolled spilling from recreational boats. To accomplish this objective a major awareness campaign will be organized to inform the general public, and more specifically the recreational boating community and port authorities about this illegal discharge and promote the improvement of infrastructures and policies.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • We at Sea Teach are a maritime and tourism SME, based in Cala D’or on the south-east coast of Mallorca. Mallorca in general and Cala d’Or in particular are seasonal tourism hot-spots. We operate as a Sea School, teaching a range of course for the pleasure boat sector. We have firsthand daily experience of boating in ports and marinas in this tourism area. Particularly during the summer months, this type of coastal location becomes very popular with visiting recreational boats.Sea Teach has extensive experience in several maritime and tourism EU projects, since 2011.
  • Sea Teach is interested to work with an eligible lead partner organization, who would be interested to develop our project idea to application stage.
  • For this call the application would require a minimum consortium as follows:
  • - At least one partner from France and one partner from Portugal
  • - At least one administration, at national, regional or local level, natural protected areas, tourist sites or public management services

Resultados Esperados:

- Preservation and improvement of coastal ecosystem services, such as:

- Climate regulation, working as a buffer zone and retaining CO2

- Increased provision of marine products for professional and recreational fishing, aquaculture and other resources

- Cultural heritage preservation

- Cleaner seas for recreation and tourism

- Improved quality of life in these coastal communities

Presupuesto Total Estimado: 500000

Idioma: ESP