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Social entrepreneurship as an offer to anchor new arrivals in rural areas

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 21 de noviembre de 2023

Institución: Airelle

Saint Germain les Vergnes (Corrèze)

Región: Nouvelle Aquitaine

Nombre: Miriam


Our project aims to facilitate the creation of activities that meet local needs or issues in rural areas (such as local shops and services, healthy ageing, food self-sufficiency, social ties…), more particularly in the field of the social economy, and involving newcomers as project holders. These would contribute both to more attractive living conditions and to local employment.


The project has several focuses :

– to enable these newcomer/project holders to acquire the methodology and skills they need to build their project,

– to integrate them into a local partnership ecosystem

– to support citizen dynamics to initiate and run entrepreneurial projects.


Our action plan is to be further defined together with you, our future partners.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • We are currently possibly 2 or 3 French associations and local authority and seek Spanish and Portuguese partners with a mission in supporting rural local development, if possible already with an interest or expertise in the social economy. We would like to include a local / regional authority and/or agency concerned with the issue of attracting and anchoring newcomers to their territory.

Idioma: FRA