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Strategies for integrated water cycle management in rural areas through smart digitalisation

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 9 de marzo de 2023

Institución: Diputación Provincial de Almería


Región: Andalucía

Nombre: Aitor

Marcos Basagoiti

The decrease in rainfall and the water shortage that is expected in the short term in the SUDOE region, makes it necessary to use tools that affect rural areas to optimise water use, increase the efficiency of supply networks and reduce water losses. The main need to be solved with this project focuses on achieving a more efficient management of the water cycle, taking advantage of the modernisation opportunity offered by smart technologies. At this point, it is crucial to devise strategies with the aim of investing in the control and improvement of infrastructures. The methodology developed will allow the creation of a guide of solutions to digitise and intelligently manage the integral water cycle in the SUDOE area, with the ultimate goal of improving water management in rural areas and guaranteeing the quality and sufficient availability of water.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Water Consortiums and Water Supply and Sanitation Companies (France, Portugal)
  • Rural public entities with responsibilities in the field of water supply and sanitation (France, Portugal)
  • SMEs - Entities specialised in information and communication technologies (IOT) Industry 4.0 (France, Portugal)

Otros Beneficiarios:

  1. Diputación de Almería - Public authority
  2. Centro de Tecnológico de la Energía y del Medio Ambiente (CETENMA) - Research institution
  3. Local Authority (small rural municipality) in Almería
  4. Water operator in the rural municipality
  5. SME specialised in digital solutions for water management

Idioma: ESP