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Successful Tech Transfer

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 3 de febrero de 2017

Institución: Orzare, SA



Región: Norte


Nombre: César


There is a huge gap between R&D Institutions’ activities and effective apllication of results in the market, resulting in a waste of public funds mainly in the universities. The main problem driving this gap is the lack of support the technology transfer ecosystem give to investigators in the process of transfering R&D results to the market.


An effective technology transfer requires a strict involvement of Universities, Companies and other facilitators, such as hubs, incubators, venture capital and other agents.


With this project is proposed a stronger ecosystem, including a role in the technology transfer process for local authorities (municipalities), as a key partner involved in the process, a key enabler. Indeed, municipalities can easily gather all the relevant agents in its territory to promote a more effective support to Investigators trying to transfer their technology.


— Project goals —

1. Increase Universities/R&D institutions’ technology transfer rates;

2. Enhance Tech transfer offices capacity to involve local agents;


— Key actions —

1. Create a technology transfer office in the participant municipalities, directly connected with universities and other R&D’s transfer offices;

2. Create a technology transfer program that will support individual Technologies to get transfered, involving all the relevant agents in the field through the action of universities/R&D institutions and municipalities transfer offices;

3. Create municipal incubators programs/facilities for resulting startups.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • R&D institutions
  • Local/Regional Authorities
  • Development agencies
  • Tech transfer facilitators

Resultados Esperados:

1. Creation of a new network of innovation and R&D players;

2. Improvement of the technology transfer's rates;

2. X new born start-up companies.

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