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SUDOE transnational network of green economy of capitalization heritage, natural environment and cultural experiences.

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 25 de enero de 2017

Institución: Route of tempranillo Foundation´s

Dirección: c/ Ronda s/n


Jauja - Córdoba

Región: ES61 Andalucia


Nombre: Antonio


The Route of Tempranillo Foundation´s is an inter-municipal and interprovincial entity which comprises a geographical area made up of 5 municipalities in the heart of Andalusia, thus participating in the provinces of Seville, Malaga and Cordoba, with extensive experience in managing European and national programs.


We are interested in joining as partners or as the main beneficiary of the project candidature similar to this, so the idea presented below should not be taken as inflexible, but as a general guideline by which to channel common projects .



After the valorization of several cultural and natural elements of the territory that we have covered in the last 20 years (some municipalities of the provinces of Seville, Málaga and Córdoba), we need to receive and share experiences of capitalization of other regions SUDOE, in order to disseminate good practices that may serve to guide the process of sustainable development.


We currently have shortcomings in the promotion and marketing of newly created tourism products and other existing ones, which serve to promote the growth of the green economy through eco-innovation, eco-efficiency and / or eco-tourism in transnational markets Of the EU, issuers of tourists.



1.- Create a transnational SUDOE network of experiences of capitalization, natural and cultural

2.- Study the potential markets emitting green tourism to attract tourists from those markets to our territories.

3.- Creation of sustainable tourism products for the green economy, pilot testing, promotion and marketing in other SUDOE regions and tourism-issuing markets through different means and communication channels, taking into account the experiences and models of tourism management. Other regions in terms of best practices provided to the network.



1.- Creation of seminars and meetings of the SUDOE transnational network of experiences of natural and cultural heritage capitalization that serve to disseminate, participate and acquire good practices or models of management of the SUDOE territory, whether contributed by project partners or other member entities In other sudoe nominations.

2.- Implementation of a plan for the promotion, communication and commercialization of our tourism products according to criteria of the Green Economy in sudoe territories that emit tourism for our cultural and natural products.

3.- Execution of the promotion, communication and marketing actions described in the Plan outlined above, as well as the eco-tourism test, which allows us to market a quality product.


Perfil Beneficiario:

  • Public institutions,
  • Heritage management, cultural and natural environment entities.

Resultados Esperados:

1.- Creation of the Transnational Network Sudoe of Green Economy of experiences of patrimonial, cultural and natural capitalization, as a reference and impeller of sustainable management models and accessible to all.

2.- Cohesion of SUDOE regions taking as a common element the good practices of capitalization patrimonial, culture and natural of the green economy.

3.- Increase the number of places registered in sustainable development management processes of the partners involved in this application.

4.- Increase the number of tourists to our destinations through the promotion and marketing actions carried out and the commercialization of tourism and cultural eco-products.

5.- Promote the Green Economy as a system that includes within itself the economic, socio-political and environmental aspects of the sustainable development of the territories. That is, to create eco-tourism products that produce low carbon emissions, preserve heritage and culture, use resources efficiently, and be socially inclusive.

Presupuesto Total Estimado: about 600.000€

Idioma: ESP