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ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 25 de julio de 2019

Institución: Fundación Magtel

Dirección: Parque Empresarial Las Quemadas C/ Gabriel Ramos Bejarano, 114



Región: Andalucia


Nombre: Carmen




Perfil Beneficiario:

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The Magtel Foundation is located in the south of Spain, Community of Andalusia, in the Province of Córdoba. Founded in 2012 with the purpose of improving knowledge about telecommunications and the employability of vulnerable people through training actions with innovative learning methodologies.


Development and Programming teaching approach of Training Projects aimed at training people at risk of social exclusion in the development of skills, and professional experience, which enables them to perform a job related to the installation of optical fiber reaching home and the use of Energies Renewables, within the Telecommunications sector. Reducing unemployment rates and to enhance Professional Training are general objectives of our organization.


Areas of specific expertise:

- Design of training programs whose objective is to train Collectives at Risk of Social Exclusion, in the development of the profession: "Installer of optical fiber reaching homes".

- Design of training programs that aim to professionally qualify groups at risk of social exclusion in matters related to Renewable Energy.

- Management of Training through e-learning platforms.

- Design of innovative methodologies that favor the teachinglearning process in real work environments related to Telecommunications and Renewable Energies.

- Innovative Learning Strategies in a digital era.

- Dissemination and communication of Training Plans.


The foundation has extensive experience in the Education sector, its learning and training programs aimed at people at risk of social exclusion, makes them strong in achieving employment employability objectives.


We are interested in being part of consortium as partner.

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Idioma: ESP