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Valorization of New High Added Value Compounds from solid wastes

ÚLTIMA REVISIÓN: 17 de febrero de 2017

Institución: ISVV

Dirección: 210 chemin de Leysotte


Villenave d'ornon

Región: Aquitaine


Nombre: Ghidossi


The aim of the research is the use of Subcritical water and membrane process to intensify the extraction of soluble interests compounds from solid waste. A first study, at the laboratory scale, will be dedicated to study the interaction between the parameters of the treatments (field strength, pressure, treatment time…) and the extraction conditions (size, green solvents, solid-to-liquid ratio, temperature, agitation…) on the content of interest compounds. The identification of the best set parameters for each process will be defined to optimize the extraction yield of the valuable compounds from products (organic wastes and wood wastes). Quantitative efficiency, qualitative composition of the various extracts (HPLC analysis), antioxidant activities (ORAC and DPPH values), aroma composition (GC/MS) and physical and chemical properties will be determined. All these parameters will be compared to those obtained with a conventional extraction process (hydro-alcoholic maceration), for each residue. Liquid extracts will be used for purification by membrane filtration.

The purification of the extracts will be performed, in order to obtain extracts highly concentrated in valuable compounds. The first step is the elimination of the suspended solids potentially awkward for the purification, by microfiltration. Then, the fractionation and the enrichment of the extracts in valuable compounds will be performed by membrane processes such as ultrafiltration or nanofiltration. The influence of various parameters will be studied for each extract (membrane cut-off, physical-chemical characteristics of the membrane, operational parameters such as transmembrane pressure, concentration factor). If necessary, a final purification step will be performed by with chromatographic techniques (low-pressure chromatography or centrifugal partition chromatography).

This part will also evaluate the eco-innovation of the high added value compounds.

The sustainability of the process on organic matter will be evaluated. Finally, costs (work + transport) of solid waste will be evaluated.



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Resultados Esperados:

We already have realized this kind of study (Valuxtract project)


This research could intensify our preliminary results in various applications

Our competence in term of extraction and membrane process is well recognized and could permit several development

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