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Alfredo Benavente Martinez

Cargo: Técnico
Nombre Entidad: UVA
Paises: España
Idiomas: Español, Inglés

I worked in Biobest NV Belgium during 9 years. I was involved in different research topics: my 4 firsts years were dedicated at Bumblebee rearing and pollination (bumblebee artificial rearing, bumblebee fitness and colony performance) After that, I changed the research line within the company, working with the Mite Team in R&D department. I could work on mites rearing systems, -Phytoseiidae-, QC process & microbiology… my last project was the new product Pronemite (Bernard Blum Award – 2022).
I was involved in several research projects with the KU Leuven and giving my technical support as voluntair (microbes at the plant-pollinator interaction in natural and artificial rearing conditions). The last one was a project about nectar secondary compounds, (FWO Post-Doc MI Pozo)
Previously I have worked as technical advisor and field assistant for:
-Fundacion Gypaetus, managing a European project to reintroduce Gypaetus barbatus;
-In conservation biology projects funded by the regional Andalusian government, investigating the conservation status of endangered plant taxa.
-Projects related to general accessibility and public use in protected natural areas in SE Spain and divulgation.
Do not forget to mention at the beginning in my professional career, all my experience in environmental education, tourism guide, and divers nature activities in Andalusia region, mainly focus at the Natural Park Cazorla Segura y las Villas

I am native of the natural park Sierra de Cazorla-Segura-las Villas in SE Spain, where I have developed a great admiration and respect for nature since my childhood. I am an avid reader, polivalent person, guitar player and karate expert.